Sydney Opera House - E R Dufresne

Sydney Opera House – E R Dufresne

Having friends in Australia has become a metaphor for all my friendships. Whenever we call our antipodal mates we have to get up quite early to reach them before they go to bed. There is as much opposite as there is apposite in our transcontinental relationship.  Everything’s upside down and backwards between us. We’re bracing for winter as they welcome spring. Even the water whirls down the drains of our kitchen sinks in opposite directions.

Some say that if the other is truly simpatico, whenever you talk you can take up right where you left off and be completely on each other’s wavelength. That’s pretty rare in my experience. No, true soul-mates must go through a kind of courtly reacquaintance ritual each time their friendship is renewed. Even the people we’re most attracted to live in different mental time zones from ourselves. Everyone experiences their own season and how our inner whirlpools flow needs to be discerned every time we reconnect. It involves a long flight of the imagination to be truly in tune with one another again. Good friendship usually requires more traveling than you might expect.

Edward R. Dufresne © 2013


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