Chapter-book for Mystics

Photo Edward R. Dufresne

Photo Edward R. Dufresne

I would like to write a book

that would be read to monks

while they are silently eating dinner.

It would be read out loud

in a gentle voice

by an earnest novice

while the brothers

sipped their lentil soup

and gazed at nothing

in particular.

It would be like reading

a ‘chapter book’ for children

ready to be quiet at bedtime.

Only small children

and monks

are read to anymore.

I know it’s folly

trying to write

with a goal like this in mind.

But oh, how satisfying

it would be to write

something that folks

who cherish silence

would find worth listening to!

Only small children and monks

have the time to be

mystics anymore,

their silent listening

attuned to the silence

it takes to write their books.

Edward R. Dufresne © 2010

2 Thoughts on “Chapter-book for Mystics

  1. Colleen Spangler on December 19, 2013 at 11:46 am said:

    Something happens to a person reading the writing of Edward Dufresne. It’s a brain-bursting, heart-stabbing something that goes to the toes.

  2. Michael Dufresne on March 3, 2016 at 12:38 am said:

    Today, the birthday of Dr. Seuss, is Read Across America day. I had the infinite pleasure of reading Dr. Seuss’s ABCs to 50 kindergarten students. It was no quiet or cloistered affair. I had them yelling and clapping and giggling and googly-eyed, much to their shushing teachers’ chagrin. Ed, I concur that simple words in a simple story for simple hearts are hard to write, but oh so powerful, and sometimes they bite!

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