For the Naïve Beauty

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For the naïve beauty of the lithesome young,

for the hidden grieving

of parents who have miscarried;

for the stalwart spruce adorned in snow,

for lowering skies that ravish the earth;

for ice-bound rainbows in the ruts of roads,

for weak knees, that they and theirs might yet endure

for some time more;

for the dealers and schemers of this world,

for the coward who lurks in the heart,

for all that the brave can teach;

for the driven spirit hounded by success,

for seething souls who’ve surrendered to despair;

for the linked mind and hands of the harpsichordist,

for the cellist’s thrumming spine,

for the breath that animates the flute;

for the brimming contents of hardware stores,

and for those who will find for you

any mysterious thing, every ingenious thing within;

for the promise before sunrise,

for the moment of forgiveness as darkness falls;

for you in scandalous proximity,

for you in fearsome absence,

to you,

for all,

I pray.

Edward R. Dufresne © 2010

One Thought on “For the Naïve Beauty

  1. ” … for the promise before sunrise … ” Beautiful. Love that.

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